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Precision Health Company, Veste Health Announces Affordable DNA-Based Personalized Coaching

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 24, 2023 / — Veste Health is proud to announce a major breakthrough for under-served communities to access personalized wellness. Using advanced DNA reporting and machine learning technology, Veste Health has launched affordable wellness programs to offer highly accurate and customized healthcare recommendations to individuals based on their unique genetic makeup and personal health data.

Veste’s innovative platform allows users to input their genomic data, medical history, and lifestyle information, and receive personalized recommendations for dietary changes, exercise regimens, and even supplements. This groundbreaking development represents a major step forward in the field of precision health, and has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach healthcare. By providing individuals with tailored recommendations based on their specific needs, we can help people live healthier, longer lives.

Precision Wellness by Veste Health
Precision Wellness by Veste Health

“We are thrilled to offer this cutting-edge service to consumers and healthcare professionals alike, and look forward to helping even more people improve their overall health and wellbeing.” said Nicole Richardson, co-founder of Veste Health.

The plans offered by Veste Health starts at US $150 for individuals, while organizations can expect a reduced rate for groups. Each plan includes 120 minutes of coaching monthly that can be conducted virtually over video conference. Clients will have the option to manage their coaching session based on their availability and from a simple interface schedule and reschedule their coaching sessions.

This unprecedented access to affordable care is driven by Veste Health’s mother-daughter founding team, Frederica & Nicole Richardson. Competitors claim to offer customized recommendations based on DNA, but they are often limited to basic wellness topics (e.g. sleep, nutrition). What Veste Health offers are DNA-based recommendations for your targeted focus areas, including specific physical conditions and body systems rather than limiting education to general wellness.

About Veste Health
Unlike traditional wellness coaching, Veste Health provides coaching based on DNA reports which leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to ensure precise recommendations. Our customized wellness reports, based on hundreds of thousands of unique gene variants, are easy to read and interpret. They provide personalized lifestyle, dietary and supplement recommendations.

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