Redefining Wellness

Veste Health provides personalized DNA Based Wellness services aimed to help you proactively reach your health and wellness goals.

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Nicole Richardson

Nicole Richardson is passionate about helping individuals achieve their maximum potential by empowering them to take control of their life no matter their circumstances. She is a licensed clinical psychologist and completed her Doctorate at Nova Southeastern University where she specialized in trauma. During her postdoctoral fellowship at the Detroit VA Medical Center she began her journey in health psychology where she worked in additions, pain management, and behavioral sleep medicine. With over 13 years of experience working in psychology, she is most excited about her recent completion of a post baccalaureate certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching from Maryland University of Integrative Health which compliments her Mind Body Skills practitioner training. Nicole seeks to work with individuals who want to fully invest in their health wellbeing. Her personal health journey has led her to an acceptance that your genetics don’t have to determine your fate, but they can inform your choices.
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Frederica Richardson

Frederica’s wellness vision is to be able to dance, laugh, and have excellent health as she lives a long, pain-free, memory filled life! Her desire is to coach clients to improve their health so they can share the same wellness vision. Frederica Richardson has completed the following Certifications and trainings: Dr. Sears Wellness Institute (NBHWC approved school), Health Coach Certification for Adults & Seniors. Health and Wellness Coach Certification (NBHWC approved course) at Cuyahoga Community College. Apollo Health Recode 2.0 Coach Certification for Alzheimer’s prevention and reversal. Training courses in Clinical Mastery of the Digestive System, Insulin Resistance Solutions, DNA and Epigenetics, and others. Prior to becoming a Health Coach, Frederica received a BS in Chemistry from South Carolina State University. She worked 8 years as an Educator then had a 35 year career as a Quality Engineer for Michelin North America. Veste Health is allowing Frederica to pursue her real passion of helping others in their personal journey to health, wellness and longevity.