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Unlike traditional wellness coaching, Veste Health provides DNA reports which leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to ensure precise recommendations. Our customized wellness reports, based on hundreds of thousands of unique gene variants, are easy to read and interpret. They provide personalized lifestyle, dietary and supplement recommendations.

Unlock your genetics to optimize your health & well-being

Many companies claim to offer customized recommendations based on DNA, but they are often limited to basic wellness topics (e.g. sleep, nutrition). What Veste Health offers are DNA-based recommendations for your targeted focus areas*, including specific physical conditions and body systems rather than limiting education to general wellness. 

We combine precision DNA-based health recommendations with a coaching approach to implement sustainable lifestyle changes to help you reach your health and wellness goals. 

DNA Wellness Coaching

Have our team of coaches work with you to reach your health goals.

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Custom Supplements

Develop your own personalized supplements plan based on your DNA.

Self-Paced DNA
Wellness Plan

Access our premium reports and features throughout for one year.


Our Founders

Veste Health was founded by mother and daughter Frederica and Nicole Richardson. Veste is dedicated to helping clients optimize their wellness and achieve their health goals.
We are not a one size fits all coaching team. We understand that change is HARD, so we want to get to know you personally. What motivates you, what turns you on, what turns you off, what YOU are hoping to achieve! We meet you where you are (wherever that is) and help you move forward toward your goals.
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Have the skills, optimism, and passion for making the world a healthier place? We would love to meet you!